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"Extraordinary results on pain and inflammation for my patients and myself. My arthritic hands no longer hurt!"

Dr. Rebecca Paden, B.C.N.D.

Osteopath and Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor


Thermography uses a specially designed infrared camera to precisely measure skin temperature and visualize the body's physiologic response. When inflammation is present, there is an increase in blood supply and temperature as indicated by the white and red hot spots. Once the patches are applied to the hot spot areas, we often observe a steady reduction in temperature. Notice how the white and red hot spots become smaller and shift to green and blue.


This is a totally different approach to treating pain. Luminas has the newest technology that utilizes energy to address pain and inflammation right where it hurts.

Once applied to the skin, these patches are activated by your own electric field and the energies from over 200 natural remedies are there to support your body’s own innate, natural healing. Within minutes remarkable shifts can be felt. Pain and inflammation begin to dissipate.

These wearable patches radiate fast acting, long lasting pain relief without any drugs, chemicals or side effects. Finally, a breakthrough in pain relief and chronic inflammation that works in minutes and lasts for days. No pills, no mess, and no odor, just real relief.

Breakthrough technology

The science behind Luminas is a groundbreaking electron imprinting technology. It is based on known electrical engineering principals and the inherent behavior of quantum physics; that all matter has a unique energy signature based on it’s molecular atomic structure and geometry. Our proprietary technology allows us to capture these unique electric field signatures from 100s of natural remedies used to relieve pain and inflammation. These unique signatures are then modulated onto a resonant carrier wave allowing us to transfer these unique signatures onto the patch.

The 6 Quadrillion Electron Patch

Each patch is estimated to contain a collection of up to 6 quadrillion influence areas enabling electron signature storage sites that are naturally aligned to radiate like an energetic mirror image of the original natural remedies. The energy from these electrons is activated through a galvanic skin connection, and designed to support the body’s own innate, natural healing energies that relieve pain and restores balance. Using medical thermal imaging, dramatic shifts are often observed when the patches are applied to painful areas of the body.


The Luminas Pain Relief Patch uses energy technology to reduce pain, stimulate healing and restore your body's natural balance. It's a revolutionary advance in pain relief that's also completely natural, with no drugs, chemicals, or side effects.