Real World Relief

Luminas Customers Share Their Stories


"The other day I was experiencing a massive / debilitating migraine. Typically migraines knock me out and I'm stuck in bed with pain. I had a big work project due for a new job that I couldn't afford to miss. I put 2 patches on the back of my neck just below my hairline. Within minutes I experienced relief and I was able to carry on with my life. I now always carry the patches in my purse. They are truly a life saver." -- Kim H., Chicago, IL


"I’ve had arthritis for many years and it got so bad that I had to pry open my fingers after driving. Since I’ve been wearing your holograms my fingers don’t lock up!!! Thank you so much for all your doing to help folks like me." -- Irinea, L., Margaretville, NY


"Luminas MAGIC! My wife Lynn was really struggling to walk yesterday and said her toe was extremely painful. She had not hurt it but the pain in the tip of the toe was so severe that she had a hard time walking. I gave her a holographic patch to try but she was skeptical. Within 1 to 2 minutes she said she felt relief! She said it was unbelievable and was now walking comfortably! She now carries a box with her. My competitive gymnast daughter applies 3-4 holographic patches on her legs and back every couple days to maintain the relief level she needs to get through workouts. I am ordering more!!" -- Kelly G., Irvine, CA


“For years I have suffered with sciatica pain going down my right side. It is so painful that even sitting hurts. Nothing has ever worked well. I tried your patches by putting 3 discs on the painful area. For 3 days I was pain free. As you suggested, I replaced the patches with new ones after 3 days and it no longer hurts. I also used it on my shoulder after a fall. It works! Thank you for helping me find relief.” -- Norma M., Lillington, NC


"A few weeks ago I had all my wisdom teeth pulled. My grandfather gave me some of your relief patches to try. I put one patch on each cheek where it hurt. Within 10 minutes it stopped hurting. I couldn’t believe that this tiny patch was stopping the pain. Just to make sure, I took both patches off and the pain returned. Needless to say I put them right back on. If I didn’t experience it myself I would never believe it but these really work." -- Caroline G., Atlanta, GA


"I have been using your relief patches with success. One place being on a cramp in my calf. The other is on my lower back/hip. I could feel relief in a short period of time and it lasted for a few days. Made it much easier to get up and down without pain. I put them on and change them after a few days. Thanks to the relief patch I do not have to take pain medicine for these areas." -- Jimmy B., Fayetteville, NC


"I am a 51 year old male who has lived with significant and debilitating heel pain my entire life. Over the years I have been treated by a number of different professionals and have had different surgeries to try and alleviate the extreme inflammation and pain with little success. I applied the Luminas Pain Relief Patches to my heels and could immediately sense the frequency and vibrational energy in my feet. Within 20 minutes my pain level was zero. This is the most remarkable technology for pain that I have ever witnessed. Highly recommended if you have pain issues, amazing!" -- David S., Oklahoma City, OK


"I felt unbearable pain in my left foot. The pain was so great; it hurt all day and night. Exercise was out of the question. An MRI revealed a significantly torn tendon in my left foot. I was fortunate enough to try a pain relief holographic patch by Luminas. The patch provides me with immediate, long lasting pain relief. Not only does it minimize my pain, it virtually eliminates it for a period of time. Today I am exercising regularly again. This tiny patch changed my prognosis. I can manage the pain and do what I want. For that I am truly grateful!" -- Jayne C., Cheshire, CT


"I recently had an injection for my torn rotator cuff, which is normally quite painful. I used your hologram patch and had some slight pain at first and was essentially pain free thereafter. My wife and I now use your patch for back pain, joint pain, and just about any ache that crops up. Highly recommended." -- Frank M., Flowery Branch, GA


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